The Medicare program has been around since 1965.  Some folks think because it is a government program that it's a free entitlement Nothing could be further from the truth. Medicare is actually low cost health insurance and just like any other insurance policy there are premiums to be paid. Along with deductibles copays etc. Your costs for Medicare Parts A & B depend on your work history and income. The program provides payment for certain medical expenses for persons 65 years of age or older, certain disabled individuals, persons with end-stage renal disease (ESRD), and certain individuals exposed to environmental health hazards. Medicare has three types of benefits.


Part A is The Hospital Insurance Program and it covers when you are admitted to the hospital. 


Part B  is the government's Supplementary Medical Insurance Program. Part B covers a wide range of medical services, including physicians' services and outpatient hospital services, as well as equipment and supplies, such as prosthetic devices. You will have to pay the monthly Medicare Part B premium usually as a deduction from your Social Security check. .


Part C is also called Medicare Advantage Plan and we'll be talking more about it in just a little while...


Part D is “The Voluntary Prescription Drug Benefit Program”


Now this is only a short explanation of the basics, and not meant to be an in depth source of information about Medicare or any other plan. All of these plans especially Medicare and its related programs are in constant flux growing and changing. So exactly where does your Insurance Agent fit into this whole scenario and what are the various plans your agent may be able to offer you? You can click on any of the links below to find the information noted in the link title... or you can just give me a phone call and we'll set up an appointment where we can explain it in greater detail and help you choose the best options for you, depending on your particular circumstances.



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How do you know what is available and which type of plan is best for you? is a government website that will allow you to compare plans, but many folks find it to be somewhat complicated. Medicare Insurance isn't a one size fits all sort of thing. I would recommend that you sit down with a licensed insurance agent who can show you what your best choices are between Medicare Supplement Plans and Advantage Plans from multiple companies. Make an informed decision based on the costs, coverage levels, and maximum out-of-pocket expense for each.Is there a plan that will allow you to keep your doctor or specialist and cover the cost of the prescriptions you are regularly using. Enroll in the plan that suits your situation best.

. Once you understand the basics of Medicare, get some help with an agent in person. An agent that will be there for you down the road if you need help. We are available to help you on a personal level whether you live in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Dover, New Philadelphia, Mt Vernon, Cambridge, Coshocton or Zanesville or any of the towns in between. Do you live just outside one of those areas? And are you searching for a qualified helping hand? We may still be able to help you! Give me a call and find out for free at either one of these numbers 740-502-2784 or 234-334-6806. You can also reach me by email, the contact information for the individual members of our team is posted on the Meet Our Team page.

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Sometimes when companies talk about Medicare Insurance Plans the conversation is confusing and hard to understand. It seems like there are just so many plans to choose from. Then with imposed time limits it seems like you're being pressured into choosing. To complicate matters even more... there is a definite lack of shared knowledge available in the marketplace when it comes to your actual affordable choices. Many agencies don't understand how Medicare Advantage Plans work and therefore either do not offer them at all … or only give them a very cursory mention. If you've spent much time online looking for the information, you know what I mean. There are three basic types of Medicare  Insurance plans. Mainly Medigap Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. These plans all have differences 

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